MSD Ignition MSD 6ALN heavy duty vibration protection PN: 6430

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The MSD 6ALN 6430 was designed with NASCAR racing in mind. In fact, the capacitive discharge high power ignition is NASCAR approved. The N series ignitions feature the mandatory 6-Pin weathertight connector to meet NASCAR's ignition wiring rule, 20-6.1. This special connector provides a tight, positive lock¬ing connection with individual seals to keep dirt and moisture away from each connection. All of the MSD's primary wiring meets MIL-86A specifications with special tinned conductors for superior crimps. Inside the strong cast aluminum housing, the multiple sparking CD circuits are encased in a clear two part silicone elastomer for the ultimate in vibration protection. A special clear base plate is also installed for easy tech inspection. The 6ALN also has a has a built-in rev control, that allows individual RPM Modules to be swapped out at the desired level or track standard. (Modules Even increments PNs 8743 to 8751 odd increments PN 87431 to 87491 part numbers increasing by 10s.)