MSD 8452 Pro-Billet Distributor

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When you start making serious power with your EFI ford, the stock distributor shaft is one of the weak links of the engine. These pro-billet models answer the need for an affordable replacement in a strong and great looking package. Each distributor starts as a solid billet that is secured into a state of the art computer numerical control (CNC) machine where it is transformed into a precision housing. Inside each housing there is a sealed ball bearing at the top of the shafeet This design is responsible for accurately guiding the oversized polished steel shaft throughout the entire rpm range of your engine. The shaft is also QPQ-coated for friction reduction and corrosion resistance. The pro-billet distributors use a stock-style trigger pick-up to accept factory connectors. For installation, you simply remove the stock distributor and bolt the pro-billet MSD in place.