Bosch 16276 Oxygen Sensor, Original Equipment (Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz)

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Bosch ceramic technology affords best-in-class performance. Driven by the need to meet U. S. EPA requirements for lower exhaust emissions, Bosch developed the revolutionary planar sensor. The planar sensor "lights off, " or reaches operating temperature, in approximately 10 to 12 seconds. That's over two times faster than a conventional thimble type sensor. This quicker light-off time reduces emissions by over 50% during the cold start phase, when harmful emissions are highs. To date, Bosch has produced 1 billion Oxygen Sensors. It took 32 years – from 1976 to 2008 – to reach the production record of 500 million pieces, but only eight years – from 2008 to 2016 – to double the production figures to 1 billion sensors. Bosch Oxygen Sensors continue to lead the market with their high-quality reputation; an attribute that has defined Bosch since its inception.