Weiand 300-141 Hi-Ram Intake Manifold Fits w/GM Gen 5 LT1 w/92mm LS Throttle Body Power Band 3500-8000 RPM Incl. Port EFI Provisions And Fuel Rails Hi-Ram Intake Manifold

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HI-RAM SERIES: These tunnel ram manifolds are used primarily in drag racing, tractor/truck pulls and performance marine applications where high RPM performance is required. The effective RPM range is between 2,800 to 8,000 RPM. The WEIAND Hi-Ram, with it's patented D-shaped port runners and large plenum chamber, provides optimum velocity of the air/fuel mixture to the cylinder head intake ports. For maximum performance in a naturally aspirated competition application, the WEIAND Hi-Ram is the manifold of choice! This manifold is designed to be used with performance oval port heads.