Bosch SR86X Remanufactured Starter

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This item is designed to fit specific vehicles. Please ensure correct part fitment before purchasing this project. Contact the seller directly for additional product information and availability.Starter Motor. Premium 100% Remanufactured Starter. "Remanufactured with more new parts and performance tested for longer, more reliable operation and maximum performance. Bosch Remanufactured Starters are built especially for extremes of heat, cold and high demand. Each unit is remanufactured (not rebuilt) with only the highest quality materials and the most technologically advanced processes are used to ensure premium performance. 100% factory tested prior to and during remanufacturing to assure that it meets or exceeds original equipment specifications. And each unit is full-load tested to guarantee that it complies with Bosch's strict performance specifications. Bosch is one of the largest global suppliers of automotive products, developing, manufacturing and supplying precision OE components and systems to vehicle manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket.".Bosch is a globally recognized manufacture's of tools, auto parts, and equipment in a wide variety of industries and is respected for their quality and innovation