AutoMeter Auto Meter SS2RPM Dedenbear Solenoid Shifter, 2 Spd. With Rpm2 (Rpm Activated Switch)

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Dedenbears solenoid shifters are the best electric shifters for forward pattern Powerglide transmissions. All solenoid shifters use the same time-proven solenoid for unmatched reliability. When the shifter handle is pulled into low gear, the powered electric solenoid cocks automatically; you stage and launch the car normally. The 1.5 amp holding coil keeps the unit cocked until the desired time or RPM, at which point power is cut to the solenoid and the spring-loaded plunger automatically shifts the transmission from low to high gear. No maintenance is required, just install it and forget it. Because nothing connects to the shift lever, manual shifts can be made at will. Lightweight brackets are plated black for corrosion resistance and long lasting good looks.